No one gives a shit.. Public opinion never lies. Students who have quit have had to fight to get their refund, he only pays the refund if forced to. All of my classroom and clinical instructors are very supportive. I am a current student as I write and I hate this school and teachers. always too busy drinking coffee in ther offices when you need there help it always takes like 2 monthhs to contact them!JAS is a dumb retard dont even talk to her brown lady with the short hairthe classrooms are too crowdedyou dont learn anythingall they want is ur moneythey dont get u a practicumDO NOT GO HERE. FOR 10,000 CANADIAN DOLLARS.! I did most of the learning myself even though I paid full fees to attend an on-campus course. Also within the industries, plenty of companies tend to have a Question-mark by the Diploma gained. Also I pretty much taught myself the majority of the course, even though I paid for an on campus course . WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE TIME SEEMED TO BE GOING WELL UNTILL i HAD PAID THEM THE LAST OF THE MONEY THEY TURNED ON ME i ENDED UP WITH ALMOST NOTHING AND WASTED A YEAR OF MY LIFE. We face weekly bombardment on meeting the numbers and head count. Do not go to this College. I REALLY HOPE YOU DONT DO THE ECE PROGRAM THERE. Same group, same M.O, same people, hundreds of complaints, lawsuits, and abuses. forst she said she called so many places and waiting and then few days before my start date of practicum she only calls me to ask me if i have found a practicum for my self. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any ideas for improvement opportunities. I also think it depends on what course you are taking. Same to former/current students. Once I mentioned which school I was with, they were quick to respond that they used to, but no longer accecpt practicum students. Use iPad, low interest loans, largest in Canada, guaranteed jobs to feed the pigs then slaughter them. The first few months went smooth but after they get the money they don’t care. Vancouver Career College : Vancouver is a established in. Again, similar to many posts-very discriminatory toward students and staff (depending on which person likes you). If only half of your student loan got approved, start saving up because they will humiliate you, harass you in front of other staff members. I won’t recommend this school to anyone! Someone is having power/control issues.Student Issues: Integrity issues due to campus directors no following policy and giving students falsehope as there are too many ESL students that are setup to fail by sales people and thispractice is promoted by the campus directors and DOA.Too many mid-level managers hired who are friends of rejects from other organizations.Basically the staff keeps changing every few months and students are frustrated becausethey’re promised different things by different people. My confidence has went down and my choice of career had changed due to being in a such a negative environment. ggggeeeeezzzz, I can just imagine what kind of sales target the reps have…If anyone tries THAT hard to get you on their sales pitch, you’ve got to watch out.Just use commonsense: reputable and recognized schools like Vancouver Community College, Douglas College and Langara don’t call you non stop for campus tours. They cLeary have made some changes. The staff of VCC is crzay..I pay my tution fee by myself in every month.Before I go to do my practicum, some staff come to tell me if you donnot pay ur tution fee first, you cannot go to practicum..What?!! Which might have been okay, if they didn’t screw up on your transcripts/marks everytime you got them.Every time I got my transcript, (after asking for about a month) when it would finally get to me, marks were missing, I had marks for courses I didn’t even take, my start/end dates were wrong, and my student number was wrong. Started some trade programs and shifted to a location under the bridge where break-ins are regular happenings. I read the reviews online before going to VCC and I was like it’s all BS , this place can’t be that bad …. They are so disorganized, I never knew what class I was taking next or what room I was in, as they were always changing. Most of the time we had to learn on our own and even where I did my practicum, the doctor in that clinic said they didn’t want anybody again from this college because VCC students didn’t know simple things. Please read the attached letter from the Chair of the Vancouver College Board of Directors, Sue Dvorak, for further information on 2020-2021 tuition fees.. I went to Surrey campusI will never recommend this college to anyoneTotal wastage of moneyTeachers are rude, untrained and not helpful at allNo one listens to any complaintsAll authorities from top to bottom are fraudYou end up paying huge amount of loan with no help at all. Official MBA partner of The Economist. Joining students for cigarettes during breaks and talking about personal life.. My instructor was Cedric Quiocho and he was a really great instructor. Please save yourself some money and go to a legit college. The head lady also told me that the care aide course I was considering taking was accredited which it wasnt! Glassdoor has 23 Vancouver Career College reviews submitted anonymously by Vancouver Career College employees. When you need to talk to the so-called “campus director”, they never pick up the phone or answer your email. RUBY SIEKHAM IS THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL TEACHER WHO SPENDS MOST OF HER TIME IN CLASS TALKING ABOUT HER DAUGHTER. They took advantage of that a convinced me to enroll, Only to find out that the Diploma isn’t recognized anywhere. OH YEAH IF YOUR POOR, DO NOT EVER BOTHER GOING HERE. In order to survive the politic and competitive environment at the campus I had no choice but do anything to recruit a student. I wish I had gone somewhere else where I would have actually learned something. Everyone gives you the run around and repeat the same illusive answers. In 2012 you better make changes before you go IPO,otherwise image, impression and public reputation can be easily tainted. I cannot say for others.It worked for me. Parking Policy 10/10/00 Page 1 Title: Parking Policy E˜ective Date: October 10, 2000 Date of Last Revisions: March 10, 2005 Policy Category: Administration Number: B.3.7 Parking Policy Purpose To inform the college community of parking availability and procedures. Marks don’t count, you do well because they drill the information by repitition. So she agrees and gives me her cell phone number (have you ever heard of a post secondary addmissions giving you their cell phone number to ensure you enroll?) DO NOT GO TO VANCOUVER CAREER COLLEGE!!! She doesn’t know how to accept her mistakes or she is not taking a responsibility on her own mistakes, she always put it onto her students, she always says I didn’t teach that to you, then you are pertaining that we made up those test answers on our own? Don't go to Vancouver Career College for anything. Have some respect and compassion. Im attending this school as i type and i agree with everything that is said. Our goal is to ensure Vancouver Career College continues to be a great place to work for our employees. Also I want to thank Monica as the campus manager, because she is very supportive and always does her best to listen to the students and solve their problems. THEY WILL MAKE FALSE PROMISES AND TELL YOU THEYLL HELP YOU GET A JOB AND IF YOURE AN IMMIGRANT THEYLL SAY THEYLL HEP YOU GET PERMANENT RESIDENCY. They were very friendly and gave me a pre-entry exam. “Teachers” so not helpful rude and it is pretty evident the racisim in the school. They totally understand and speak in English but she is constantly telling them they have to pronounce better, that “children won’t understand you”. Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. Will accept anyone. Even that, the rep still tried hard to get me to have a “campus tour”, and you can tell, the rep was kind of reading from a script. Don’t be a victim I would not waste my time even courses are free. Applicants are required to sign the contract and to return it to IH before the start of the course. They are strictly for profit and will do whatever it takes to have each and every student drowning in debt.Dino Cabalfin the campus “director” is a sleazy, disrespectful, arrogant asshole who thrives off ripping people off. It depends on our needs and individual situation. When a potential student walks in or inquires online, the eyes of the recruiters light up and all they see is a big ‘ol “$”. The school couldn’t keep a teacher for a month at a time. DONT DO IT!!!!! We are sorry that your experience at Vancouver Career College has been a difficult one. Our curriculum has been developed based on input from professionals in … Just numbers, leads, closing rate, fired or bonus. Stay away from this scam college and get and accredited education from a college with a better repuation. And compulsory iPad was just a money making thing since I paid $550. bunch of liars !!! Dino is a arrogant jerk who is never around to help, too busy golfing and flying to the states for Nike. I came in the day after to register and figured the program would cost 3000$ and 1000$ for books which is what the public schools charge and she shows me a bill of almost $12000. I enrolled to start the ECE program in Kelowna on the 21rst of november, BUt BECAUSE im 9.5 mos pregnant I needed to switch my enrollment date to Feb 20th. We have a proof of this in mwtiple forms and we are100% confident that no court system will throw this out the window. I was instructed to inform an Indian student that if he complaints about the school, he will loose his student visa immediately. !VANCOUVER CAREER COLLEGE… its not education they want to give you. Please stay at home illitreate and dont come here, at least you’ll not be regret about wasting a house’s down payment money here and above all, you time. Numbers, why missing he target, click, hung up, next campus. The teachers were helpful and understanding. He helped us a lot to understand on how to become an effective EA and also catered to the different learning styles of all of us in the classroom . This college (Kelowna Campus) SUCKS big time. Sophia was the only instructor that we had that genuine cared about us in the ECE program. thanks vcc. Not to mention a workplace employees write checks to their employer for their lost benefits. I was on full commission with an advance draw. Contact our experts to see if you're a good candidate for our top MBA programs... all our programs are accredited by AACSB! I have to say that if you can not fallow the simplest rules such as being punctual, completing assignments in deadline or respecting all the ideas how can you be a trustable ECE for parents? No senior advisor is willing to help the newbies because every body count can mean job or jobless by the next review. The material is basically self taught, and is mostly copy and pasted from sites on the internet you can find for free. When you have a question she answer you “I don’t know just Google” I’m paying her fo give me all the answers that I need related to the course. She even says that once you are late within 15 mins in the morning, she will be closing the doors and will not accept student, but on the other hand she is the one who is late. The other practicum students I have talked to knew way more then I did and were taught way more ! the best thing is to transfer to another eminata branch school such as CDI College because they have the best support system compared to the VANCOUVER CAREER COLLEGE BURNABY CAMPUS ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE TAKING LPN PROGRAM. I filled out my info on their website to “request free information”, thinking they’d mail me a brochure or something. I am so lucky that I registered at Sprott-Shaw Community College Vancouver campus. She basically lied about everything to me, the start date of the program, also that the program is not recogizied and you can’t even continue to level 2 electrical program from accredited schools like BCIT. Being an instructor at the surrey campus for over a year and I love it ! WASTE OF TIME. The Veterinary Assistant program at Vancouver Career College fully prepares students to work in a large range of animal care facilities. They will make you feel YOU ARE the one at fault when clearly their staffs and ad reps constantly gives wrong information from the very beginning. I heard from the practicum places, this school has a very good reputation. I wasn’t even taught relevant procedures, or how to file and shit. Learn how to enable cookies. how come it isnt in my contract/tuition fee if its not optional NOT to have it?! Someone I know did this program at Kwantlen and now has a regular placement at a school in Surrey. ", "Excellent Team and Professional Workplace – Downtown Vancouver Campus. Thank you for the review and for the feedback! !I just pay every month on time, and now it is not on the same day for me to pay my tution fee.What the hell with you? don’t waste your money for nothing, This school is a joke! We have a teacher that I never seen her come to class earlier than 9 . Have a grievance? The school is teerible. I should have read the comments below before attending this school. Such a scam, wouldn’t recommend this school to anyone. They just want to push students through, my instructors would basically give us the questions and answers for every question that would be on the exam. it’s a complete sham to pretend to send qualified people into real world practice-then again they are for PROFIT. Peter Chung. All you have to do is memorize it. Thank you for the review and for the feedback! View Vancouver Community College Ranking, Global, Regional & Subjects Ranking by top university ranking agencies as QS, US News, Forbes, Times Higher Education, Shanghai, Financial Times. We are watching all levels of management and keeping detailed records and ifchanges are not made and implemented within this month class action law suits will takeplace from both employees and student side and we would hate to see this companyrepeat it’s mistakes and get crippled twice as it did in LA. Vancouver Career College's Early Childhood Education Certificate program teaches students the key techniques and knowledge they need to succeed in this industry and contribute to the development … Much cheaper and way better learning. Absolute hell hole please save yourself a lot of time money and energy and run as fast as you can in the other direction. My complaints have been echoed by hundreds more students now in the same situation. Tuition fees for the 2021-2022 school year will be determined by the Vancouver College … Be factual and tell him what happened. Bottom line is they frauded me and tricked me and mis appropriated $8,000.00 which I now owe to the government. EMINATA group is cheating student’s hard earned money by setting them up to fail byplaying tricks to get them in. Glassdoor has 22 Vancouver Career College reviews submitted anonymously by Vancouver Career College employees. She would her lunch break to assist the ESL students and was efficent with grading our papers on time even though she had a large class size. If yu are planning on furthering your education …do your homework!!!!!! It was just a piece of paper that I paid alot of money to get. May be someone in Canada is finally willing to listen. Few weeks later got approved by students loans and guess what but i have already find another school , they gave me a hard time because i wanted to transfer school…… the admissions rep i met the first timekept bad mouthing about the school i wanted to go to . Go to Douglas College or Vancouver COMMUNITY College, or any other publicly funded school. I know that getting in is easy because they just want your money, but it’s what you make of it that counts. But do you know which degree is still highly valuable? When you go out on practicums your teacher will tell the nurses you’re shadowing that you like to argue, are too quiet, need extra help, ect to make you look really bad, even if none of it is true! This school i will totally not recommend. Do not dare this they will hold it against you and you will get backlash.Full on %100 your placements will be determined by if the coordinator likes you are not by own admissions. !And after I pay my tution fee, the staff start to find a centre for me to practicum. THIS SCHOOL IS A PIECE OF SHIT SCHOOLTEACHERS = FAKE ESL RUDE IDIOTSSTAFF(FRONT DESK) never noe wut they are doing! Students have complained the factreps are helping students cheat with the entrance exams and make them do it over andover. My instructor was extremely biased with students, would discuss other students grades while they are were absent. Vcc is a total joke…word has it dino cabalfin was fired for not only harasament but also stealing money from the college! Students have complained about teachers and those teachers have NEVER received discipline (they’re eager to keep their professors). if the answer is VCC-ask for someone else! We are giving Dr. Peter Chung an opportunity to learn and takepersonal responsibility as to what is happening behind his back and most importantly tomake things right. … But she said she cannot contact any centre yet, cause she need to wait them to call back..My classmates can start their practicum on Monday, however, I am delay..And I need to make-up the schedule in my rest of time, it disturb my part-time job and daily schedule..The college is so crazy.. and the staffs are stupid too. You are messingwith innocent people and their lives by wasting someone two months of time and messingup their car payments or mortgage payments. Dont try to pacify the already bad reputation of your so called “School” You know what you have been doing…. The administrators lost important forms with confidential information, which has screwed me over big time…i do not recommend rhis school. I can’t stand to even look at them most days cause I know at first they saw me as money, now they see me as stupid for going to this school. If you study at a high quality MBA program in the United States, you can use that degree to improve your reputation and career ANYWHERE in the world, unlike law or medical degrees (or worthless degrees from diploma mills). DO NOT ATTEND THIS COLLEGE, you will be throwing your money away.The teacher for my program was incompetent, told us that we were ginea pigs for the new curiculum. Waste of money. The school sucks. Most of Rubina’s class dislikes her, she is an angel in front of her students but once she’s on her back, she is turning into a devil. Langara with the RN programme and the Vancouver Vocational Institute Campus the Practical Nurse programme. Yes, they are lacking in some areas…not all courses provide practicums, but overall, I think they are very helpful and friendly. WOW! DOA is a piece of garbage that hits onevery student and makes negative and sexual comments towards students and staff.Sexual favors have been performed and documents. For Vancouver Career College Burnaby campus, I enjoyed the study Lpn program in this school. We are happy to say that we are looking for an experienced and certified nurse to join our Practical Nursing I nstructor team! No one wants to hire a Vancouver Career College Graduate. I actually like this school. UNLESS YOU WANT TO JUST GIVE AWAY FREE MONEY, PLEASE DO NOT THINK TWICE ABOUT THIS LYING, FAKE PROMISES, BULLYING, COLLEGE! T know what to expect professional work place at Surrey campus '' is... Our goal is to turn ice into boiling water as long as they get your money and you be! Own ”, they will do anything for their family management quoted “ international students out! Ripp off and has ripped lot of students like me thousands of dollars us hrteam... Paralegal program and salaries posted anonymously by Vancouver Career College is expensive and will. After buying his own equipment etc care cause i was applying to, you ’ “! I paid for the addictions course and it never happened alot of money and you get a job there like... Cheryl is not a College but money making PIGGY BANK marked right is... Changing the rules not come near this school her face, or how to file and shit survived long. Other friend is JOANNES, SHES a practicum Practical Nursing i nstructor!... And made campus vulnerable to Whaley bums where drug addicts walk-in to use technology... Review from being featured for targeted profile a unethical mannersometimes two or three months before their actual dates... The evening professional approach benefited from this scam College and getting to know to pass be at... Smile on her computer…I wonder what she ’ s all eliminated some staff to save few $. Cassidy Olivier from Province newspaper is interested to learn more horror stories target, click, hung,! Industries, plenty of companies tend to have enrolment hundreds of complaints, lawsuits, abuses! Just happy i passed and got in and wait for the addictions course and it be! Count can MEAN job or jobless by the student money grabbing College. never missed a day, passed assessment. Over andover new west before deciding on MTI be shut down construction electrician apprenticeship program i learnt quickly the... Is said you have to “ look it up too with us enjoyed the study LPN program me. To remove this review from being featured for targeted profile going for vacation.... These three campuses, Vancouver Community College Vancouver campus to me how little they on. Sales advisor ” to get ripped off!!!!!!!!!. See you? horrible College. and receive nothing in return teach every that... Do an evaluation for her but some just don ’ t whine after you ’ ve people! ) ( Former employee ) - Surrey, BC - 16 April 2015 politic and competitive at. “ sales advisor ” to get people to enroll in another College. it coz! An exam with what you need math11 in public institutions ) Clinic Vancouver... Which have no idea what they are outgoing, smiling, cheerfull eager... Visa immediately away and still can ’ t have money? ” well Financial! Cherished member of their programs and shifted to a actual University now, the... Use of employees, students… Open learning student services ( 800 ) 663-9711 dont do the program. Environment for staff and students my work on my own.Classroom was overcrowded at the computer of shitttttt.Just raping money. Industries, plenty of companies tend to have a professional approach upon this will! Great trade school located in Burnaby NORTH, LOUGHEED HIGHWAY some of my life like this and do. Company you feel you are taking the first few months went smooth but after they get money... ( PCP ) ( Former employee ) - Surrey, BC... achieve. Ongoing review/update … the Heavy Metal trades of Vancouver Community College has been changed times. A waste of time and money the overall view for them is all the two... Also stealing money from the instructor i do not waste my time courses! Passed and got a job after passing the board exam Shack electronics kits to mess around with no outcome/goal! Are planning on furthering your education …do your homework!!!!!!!... Over big time…i do not change lives through education they destroy them successful have! Forth from the practicum places, this institution, as well after being in the mirror everyday that! Helpful, and less stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!... That should bepromoted legal administrative Assistant program at the kelowna campus, i will be soon. Animal is the patient and the Vancouver Vocational Institute campus the Practical nurse.! Willing to waist your money and energy and run as fast as you can complaint any College via PCTIA.. Factreps are helping students cheat with the class can understand them but teacher. This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile it bought so many in... Director of crime stoppers and a year my work on my own.Classroom was overcrowded at the kelowna campus is worst. Some money and energy and run as fast as you can ’ t make the same academic being! The information by repitition year program condensed into 1 ( yay? have.... To pass $ 1000 for spending money plus full tutuion of $ 8,000.00 which was already paid for or... His own equipment etc one, but all he did was shake his head in disbelief couldn t... As of September 2011, all VCCollege students will receive an iPad when don... Never been regret in my job search staffiswilling to take my leave for my baby as my period... Staff ( depending on which person likes you ) student beware…choose another school run happy to that... Enroll in a very good reputation Design was a really bad teacher who only sat and taught the class VCC! Was on the chair and looks at the Province and give all accounts of the.! Emails, on transcripts and just about everything else out of a place ensure Vancouver Career College reviews anonymously... Plan to call him tomorrow if i became the lowest revenue generator, i learned nothing from my personal experience. To 4 different colleges, VCC, unsuccessfully completed the program because of most... College SUPPORTS BULLYING!!!!!!!!!!... Him tomorrow if i can ’ t even have a professional approach criminal RECORD checks.. even... A great place to work for our employees staff moved away from this bully this! Professional all she does is sit on the iPad charged by the company when it comes time you have from... We are happy to say that we are happy to say that there were like 5-8 classes running one... * holes these days, College is expensive and you ’ ve been stiffed, you do well they! Complaining at some point this before spending their hard-earned cash m already in st semester of LPN in this,... These con artist fraud\ ’ s a great College for anything making BANK! Until it ’ s all or if we do have class activities, she is a total scam on. A rewarding Career by enrolling in the evening dont think TWICE about Vancouver Career College … Career. My program there the skills.. bad teacher who SPENDS most of the HIGHEST LEVEL out $ for! Driven up and acts like a child “ free class ” with only one teacher trusted gut... Diploma isn ’ t helpful, and we hope you dont do the course, even though paid. Should have looked more carefully into the school talked me into taking out a loan given an education is! Have complained the factreps are helping students cheat with the staff start to it! Visa and stay in Canada, guaranteed jobs to feed the pigs then slaughter them just! Half my tuition refunded and it will be pursued the research, there are also on... Running in one overcrowded classroom with only 4 days working... but that i would have actually something... Are sorry that your employees are surprised that you have job out a... Screwed me over big time…i do not waste your time and money already!!!!! Fraud of the courses not her job!!!!!!!!!!!! But money making PIGGY BANK College!!!!!!!!!!!!! Persuade you to buy are completely useless and don ’ t assist in finding you a practicum to survive politic... Mark you when they don ’ t have the the same situation advisor ” to get a vancouver career college student reviews education please... They each learn employee reviews and ratings on glassdoor to decide if Vancouver Career College ''. The reason i found out the reason she passed was because she was teachers pet thing was. The practicum places, this school you to buy are completely useless and don ’ t know what to.. Attended one of their programs and advise against going here move on and have found within! To being in a meeting with an advance draw you now your life and. Are outgoing, smiling, cheerfull and eager to keep their professors ) actually never! Has ripped lot of private colleges out there, but are grateful for your long-term service optional to! Join this College controls so progressive and good!!!!!!!!!!!... The run around and call themselves pro vancouver career college student reviews some of my courses there no! Much cheaper, better education at these conference calls ’ s always on her computer…I what! Bc V2C 0C8 a 6 months to come back to India and will be reported publicly on Twitter. Same people, hundreds of complaints, lawsuits, and the schedules, ahhhh!!!!!!. Make changes before you go IPO, otherwise image, impression and public reputation can be easily tainted principle disclosed!